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About Auswide Granny Flats

Auswide Granny Flats is an Australian-owned family company. Our aim is to supply  low cost  Granny Flats to the home owner, owner builder and trades, with the best possible quality and price.
Jeff Quigley,  founder of Auswide Granny Flats,has built his reputation as a granny flat builder with over 30 years of experience in the building & property development industry. With our high quality customer service and back with our attention to personal service, makes us the leaders in our field.


“Our mission is to continue to excel in delivering top quality, cost effective housing solutions for our clients. With our genuine caring approach we strive to help fellow property owners in their quest to save money on the costs of living, reduce stress to their lives and create peace of mind by maximising the use of their land with a quality built Granny Flat.”

About Our Founder…Jeff Quigley…

“In my experience a Granny Flat is always a positive real estate investment…Life throws all families unexpected changes and challenges…weather it be illness in the family, a loss of a loved one or financial crisis…a Granny Flat can change to suit any changes in the family situation….

I feel very lucky to have had the privilege of helping many families out with the construction of their Granny Flats”

It was as a youngster in 1979 that Jeff’s parents relocated their family to the Sunny Gold Coast.

The timing could not have been better for the budding builder as the building and property development industries where booming; It was here that Jeff’s love affair with the building industry began.

Jeff was fortunate to find a great teacher and mentor and he quickly learnt the skills necessary to become a fine trades man, home builder, project manager and team leader and from a very young age he began running his own building company.

Jeff has personally experienced great success in his own property investments and developments over the last 30 years and it is his passion and commitment for helping his clients generate income and create wealth through property development and his high standards of workmanship that has seen him enjoy a long and illustrious building career spanning over three decades.

Over the years Jeff has seen enormous changes take place in the building industry and he has constantly adapted his business model for the sole purpose of helping other hard working Australians achieve their financial goals whilst solving housing shortage problems in many areas of Australia.

Jeff’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the building industry, his exceptional communication skills and commitment to client satisfaction ensures that your Granny Flat building experience will be smooth and stress free for you…. We handle everything for you!


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