Auswide Granny Flats has two construction options on offer, the first option is to build using a panel system (4-6 weeks) and the second is to build using the tradition method (8-10 weeks).The cheapest way to build is By using the panel system, construction time is cut in half, so you move in quicker, say money and time. Below is a run down on the construction process.


Panel Construction Time Line 4 to 6 Weeks

Week 1

  1. Order & Construction of preferred Granny Flat begins in tin our warehouse.
  2. Site Preparation -site set-up, temporary fencing, temporary toilet, waste bins.
  3. Concrete slab or Screw Piers installation, Steel Frame Flooring System.
  4. Preparation of Services – Storm-water, Sewer, Gas & Electrical Services.
  5. Termite Protection to floor area as required.

Week 2

  1. Delivery of Granny Flat
  2. Panel Walls erected
  3. Windows, sliding doors installed
  4. Roof, fascia, gutter, barge installed
  5. Front Door installed.
  6. Lock Up.

Week 3

  1. Plumbing Rough‐in
  2. Electrical Rough‐in
  3. Kitchen
  4. Kit Bathroom
  5. Plumbing Fit‐out to Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen
  6. Water and Sewer connection
  7. Internal Fix-out (Doors, Skirting and Architraves)

Week 4

  1. Wardrobe Fit‐out
  2. Internal Painting & External Painting
  3. Kitchen Appliances installed
  4. Electrical Fit-out & Power Connection
  5. Final  site Clean
  6. Builders clean
  7. Practical Completion & Handover


Traditional Build Time Line 8 to 10 Weeks



  1. Site Establishment  (temporary fencing , site set-up, signage, temporary toilet, skip waste bins)
  2. Site Preparation, clearing & Leveling
  3. Preparation of Site Connections – Storm-water, Sewer, Gas  & Electrical Services


  1. Formwork and pour Concrete Slab or Screw Piers installation
  2. Termite Protection to external perimeter of Slab / Floor area & service penetrations


  1. Timber Wall  & Roof Framing
  2. Windows / External Doors


  1. Colourbond Fascia & Gutters, Eaves & Colourbond Roofing
  2. External Cladding, brickwork or Blue Board
  3. Lock-up stage of building


  1. Plumbing Rough‐in
  2. Electrical Rough‐in
  3. Wall & Ceiling Insulation
  4. Internal Plasterboard linings
  5. Waterproofing of Wet areas (Bathrooms, Laundry)


  1. Floor and wall tiling of bathroom / Laundry
  2. Floor Finishes throughout
  3. Kitchen
  4. Plumbing Fit‐out to Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen
  5. Internal Fix-out (Doors, Skirting and Architraves)


  1. Wardrobe Fit‐out
  2. Internal & External Painting
  3. Kitchen Appliances


  1. Shower screen & Bathroom fittings
  2. Electrical Fit‐out & Power connection
  3. Final Clean internal & external
  4. Contract Completion & Handover

The Construction timelines are the average time it takes to construct an 60sm2 Granny Flat. These guide lines are to be used as a guide only, the guide lines do not take into account  the many factors that may affect the construction process such things include weather conditions, site conditions, unforeseen delays, and materials availability.  If any delays do occur they will be discussed with clients in detail.