Q.  Do I have to choose one of your standard designs to put on my block?

A. No, We can customize a design to suit your block and your needs. If you do not see a design you like, please feel free to ask us to custom design a plan to suit your needs.

Q. What is the maximum size I can build my granny flat?

A. It is different in each state and local council, the maximum size in Queensland is 70 SM2 and in NSW is 60 SM2. This however does not include patio and out door areas.

Q. How long does the construction process take?

A. Building time is no more than 6-8 weeks from approval date, this is subject to weather and other unforeseen circumstances that may be encounter.

Q. Can I Build 2 granny flats on my land?

A. Generally speaking NO, most councils only allows you to build one granny flat per lot.

Q. Does the granny flat have to be separate from the house, or can it be attached?

A. No it can be built either attached or detached from the main house. A detached home has to be a minimum of 1.8 metres from the existing home.

Q. Do I get a say in the colours and finishes of my home?

A. Absolutely. We have a large range of colours and materials for you to choose from to suit your lifestyle.

Q. How long will it take to get approval before we can start building?

A. Depending on which state and your local council , it could be as quick as 5 days(QLD) or 10 days (NSW) this is through a Private Building Certifier,  if it does need to go to Council, then it could take approximately 6 -10 weeks for approval.

Q. Can I build a granny flat in any local council area?

A. Yes. However, you will need to check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions which may prevent a granny flat being built on your block. .