“The kids all finally left home and we where left rattling around in our big house. We wanted to down size and have money to travel but we didn’t want to leave our neighbourhood. We weren’t sure what to do until we met with Jeff and Christina and our problems where solved. Within no time at all we where moving into our gorgeous new Granny Flat. We rent the big house out so we have money to travel. We should of done it years ago! We would highly recommend Auswide to any retirees looking for an experienced trustworthy builder and an easier way of life.”

Bob and Jenny Walsh- Southport QLD



“I was really struggling financially after my divorce. Then one day I found an add for Auswide Granny Flats. They had the perfect solution! They helped me refinance my home loan so I could build another home in my back yard. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that could happen! I now rent the granny flat out to a lovely young couple and I am $250 per week better off and I have massively increased the value of my home as well.

I am a very busy, working, single mum and I would never of had the time or energy to organise a project like this myself. I am so grateful to Jeff and Christina, they handled everything for me. They where so friendly, professional and helpful. If you are looking for a way to make extra money and you have a back yard then you need to look into getting an Auswide Granny Flat.”


Kerrie Burge- Currumbin Valley QLD



Another happy customer of Auswide Granny Flats


“After Dad past away I just couldn’t leave Mum on her own so we decided to build a Granny Flat on Mum and Dad’s land. We got lots of quotes and opinions from builders and we got really confused until we spoke to Jeff at Auswide Granny Flats. We could tell straight away that Jeff really knows his stuff and their prices where much more reasonable than the others and the repayments are cheaper than rent!

Jeff and the gang did an excellent job, our flat is so comfortable, We love it! Now we can be close to Mum but we still have our privacy. Mum loves it too and when we have kids she wants us to move into the house and she will live in the Granny Flat!”

Tiffany- Green Pt NSW



“Mum and Dad where coping pretty well in their home until Mum had a stroke which left her paralysed down one side of her body.

We knew Dad would not cope looking after Mum and the big house…or himself …

They have always been adamant that they didn’t want to be split up or shipped off to a nursing home so we decided to build a granny flat out the back of our house for them.

We contacted Jeff at Auswide Granny Flats and he was so helpful and understanding and we where able to modify one of the plans to suit Mum’s needs.

We have nothing but praise and thanks to Jeff and his team.”

Monique and Cameron



“Our teenagers where driving us crazy!They where waking us up when they got home in the middle of the night and having their friends around all the time. But we didn’t want them moving out of home so young and paying all that dead money in rent. We came up with the idea of building them a granny flat so they could have their freedom but still save up for their own homes.

We talked to a lot of builders but it wasn’t until we spoke to Jeff that we felt confident to go ahead with the idea. Auswide Granny Flats offered so much more than all the others and their prices where far more reasonable.

They where so efficient and the quality of the building is first class. It only took twelve weeks after our first meeting with Jeff and we moved our big kids into their own flat out the back. Now we can still keep an eye on them but they are not under our roof !

Laura and David