granny flat plans and buildersWhy Invest in a Granny Flat?

The Australian Government is Supporting Affordable Rental Granny Flats , Granny Flats have now become easier and faster to build in most local councils across each state. Ausiwde Granny Flats aims to help every day mums and dads, and give then a chance to earn additional income by renting Their own granny flat out to tenants on your own property.This is the cheapest and easiest way to start investing with returns up to 20% of your investment, it’s better than money in a bank.
There are many reasons why investing in an Granny Flat is a safe and sound investment ,Create cash flow by Earning extra weekly income by building a granny flat on your land. Australian’s are facing tough economic circumstances and with a housing shortage in the rental market creating demand for low cost rentals, astute investors are turning to an alternate and secure investment.So why not join in on the latest investment strategy and investment in your own land which will provide your family with additional income, so you can reduce debt and pay of your home loan sooner.


Money tree for investorsTurn Negative Geared Properties Into Positive Cash Flow Properties?

This is the new way to invest, By utalalising the extra unused land behind your investment property, property investors can add extra rental income thus boosting their overall  ROI to any property. No need for lengthy and costly D/A Applications, if your property qualifies it is an simple process , as little as 5 days in some local councils and you will have a D/A application processed and with a 6 week construction time, your extra cash flow will start to roll in.

Investment Calulator

Calculations based on loan amount of $85,000 with an interest rate of 7.00% and a loan term of 30 years.The above figures are approximate only, and based on a average current rentals of granny flats in and around the Sydney area.